Comic Book Art


Me and a few other highschool students started a cartooning group and made a comic book. the website is at

the site contains information about the group, its members and of course all 16 pages from our first issue in color :smiley:

Looks good!

nice main character, no more superheroes.

I would suggest, as new editions of the comic book are e-published, that the writers think more on the maxim, “Show, don’t tell.”

There’s a lot of purely expository writing in there. The characters need to think these thoughts to decide their actions but maybe they don’t need to stop the action and tell us.

i appreciate all your feedback

i agree, the comic IS kinda dull at times. I tried to make it like a movie, lots of storytelling and no superheros… all down to earth

how do u think i could show more and tell less?
Could u tell me of a time when u felt that the action stopped for the telling?

hopefully the second issue will have alot more action… i have planned out a good gun fight sequence.

I would just like to say keep up the good work. When do you think the next issue will be out? I wish sometime that I had finished developing my comicbook in highschool. Now you have gone and gave me the bug again.

thx alot… :slight_smile: