Comic hatching problems

Hello. Thanks for reading my Post.

This is my first post here and I am not sure if it’s the right way to ask for help.
Currently I am working on a 3D Background for a comic. I want to have a texture with a toon shader and the problematic hatching.

Here I have managed a hatching thanks to this tutorial
So I have basicly no idea how everything exactly works. I think the faces with the hatching have a certain angle.
But that is not the effect I hope for. I more want the hatching to behave like a shadow. So in dark corners and under objects and stuff. To improve the cartoon effect.

I added my blender file hereßen-setting.blend?dl=0

My idea was to use a diffuse shader as the vector for the mixRGB node, but it doesn’t work. Has anyone an idea for this?

greetings ZMK

will i cant say i can help as i am away from my pc
but i did something like this where the hatching only appears on shadows of a character
her is a screen shot of the character and the node system

Download 2.8 and give the new renderer, Eevee, a spin. It has a node called “Shader to RGB” that lets you convert the results of a shader back into a color, and use that to control other shaders. For example, you can take the Value of the color, pass it through a color ramp, and use that as a mask to control the hashing.

It’s a hell of a lot simpler and more intuitive than messing around with Cycles or the old renderer.