Comic Pages with panels to Cameras

I am looking for a way to have a scene show up on a material and that material only. What I am trying to do is make what looks like a comic book page. In those panels, I was going to have a camera set in another scene that will move within those panels. I would end up needing 8 cameras in 8 scenes. I know I could record the scenes then add it to them via video to the texture but then if something is messed up, would have to redo the whole thing.

Is this for a video or a still image?

You could use a different material or object index for each of your panels, and then in the compositor, set each to be a different scene?

Scenes are also available in the VSE, you could have a panel scene strip as well as a content scene strip. In fact you could have a scene strip and a image sequence of that scene both in a Metastrip then swap between them as the images are rendered.


Yeh, that would work well, and you could use masks if you have any irregular shaped panels.

To the OP, the issue is that you cannot send the output of one 3D scene into another 3D scene as a texture without first rendering it. Otherwise you have to use post processing like the compositor or the VSE.