Comic portrait

Hello there, this is my first entry on blenderartists and I would like to post my latest work.

So the little lama was romping on the attic and unwillingly broke down the mirror’s frame, falling down together with it right unto my head while I was prepairing to create my first, blender 3d portrait. Absurdly simple and illogical story :slight_smile: Hope You enjoy it :smiley:

All done in blender 2.49 and later rendered with blender internal. I’ve used photoshop to combine render passes and in final post proces.

Here are the links to some WIP screens posted on polish blender forum:;image;image;image;image;image

Link to little brighter version due to display problems:

Wow, looks really nice.Great Job.

Yep, great work, especially the face. The hair is excellent, really like the facial stubble. Is this then a self portrait?

Sornen - yes it is my self portrait but in comic style :slight_smile: Thanks for comments.

I’ve added a link to brighter version of render due to display problems on some monitors.

Hey Amazing job!!! Great character, great hair, great lighting, great composition!! Congratulations!!

Can you post the material parameters you used for the hair??

nice work :slight_smile:

Bizzare but really nicely done, the expression could use some tweaking though.

I liked it alot; nice work!

Hi, I post hair setup used in this work. The first image presents overall material settings and the two next images show textures setup. UV mapped texture is messed up by me, I had wrong seams on mesh and noticed it to late so… had to use much bigger resolution of image to recive desired effects.

I think that key to achieve “light passing through” hair effect is to use z-transp atribute and play with specularity and strand settings, but at least for me, tweaking specularity had much bigger impact on the final result. But as always, a lot of testing of different setups gives the best.

Oh and I’ve forgot, map imput of texture on the right is “strand”, and on the left “UV”.


And the lama’s fur material. As in hair, blend texture is mapped as strand, and UV as UV. Fur on the final render doesn’t looked exactly as I planned, so I also post some earlier test images of lama, that I’m content of :slight_smile:

Hope U find it helpful.