Comic Series Muma Oni WIP

(xeak011) #1

I’ve been developing and writing a story that I’ve now decided to make into a graphic novel, titled Muma Oni. The story itself is four years in development, and has taken me that long to decide that it will work better as a comic than as a regular novel. Now I’m two years into using Blender, and I want to share the start of my main character with everyone (at least the first version of him that I’ve liked :eyebrowlift:). And I’ll continue updating this thread with more pictures of what I’ve accomplished with the story so far. Now without further ado, here are a few screen grabs of my main character Kannin Sato.

first, a wire of the face and upper body

second, a full view of him in the viewport. I intend on redoing his pants, but I like the rest for now.

lastly, a rendering of him in BI freestyle. I’m still unsure if I’ll do the actual renders in cycles and just overlay the freestyle outlines or just do the entire thing in BI. But I’m far from having to make that decision yet so any suggestions are welcome.

Now I’m working on the rigging portion which will be in my next update, hopefully soon!

(artorious) #2

Very nice. for some reason he reminds me of a cross between Royce Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba.