Comic style Materials - How to do in Cycles?

Hi everbody,
for a personal project i want to create a scene in a comic style look, similar to this example Image from the web:

Is there a way to set up Cycles Materials to achieve the given look? I tried the toon shader node, but the results became awful.

A little advice would be helpful.

Have a look at this serie, might be of interest.

keep in mind that this is likely done in photoshop, not 3D.
and if you do wish to use 3D then i suggest using hte internal engien and not cycles.

Hi finalbarrage,
thanks for the reply. So you mean it would be a good idea to create the model first, render out a simple image, say something like an AO pass, and then do the rest in Photoshop/Gimp? With this, the next question is hence to do this in Photoshop, resp. Gimp. Am i right?

If to stay in Blender, is there a way to get the desired result using freestyle?

know what, go to Weekend challanges, and look for a person called RobertT. he had some interesting art styles that might be interesting to you.

I know of a way to do something like this in the blender internal renderer, I would love to know how to do it in Cycles.

Activate nodes on your material, and take threshold the diffuse output:

You can set multiple thresholds for each of the colors in your image. The dithered areas can be their own threshold range, where instead of a solid block color, you can use a texture made of the two colors.