comic swan

hi guys
i wanted to make a comic swan …here is it…as much comic and funny i could but i have a problem…i modelled the swan using the mirror modifier so when im assigning the faces to bones it selectes the oppositte faces to…which results that i cant move a every leg in a direction …which sucks…anyway if anybody can help me with that ill appreaciate it.thanks

these are the pictures


Press “Apply” In the mirror modifier. Then it will become a real mesh, not just a mirror…:rolleyes:

man do u think that i dont know that :frowning:

still when i select a vertex the corresponding one is selected…so i cant apply the vertecies to different bones.

You might try parting the troubled vertices in edit mode with th P key, joining the two meshes back together in object mode with Ctrl + J key and then welding any necessary verts back together in edit mode.