comic swan

thats my comic swan( i tried to make it funny as much as i can) please critisize it plz


for comic id say BIG eyes, but that might be only me speaking… well anyways be shre to animate!

I agree, the eyes could be bigger just to be realistic, and bigger still to look ‘comicky’. Maybe some long flowing eyelashes too ? :slight_smile:


this is the new modifications…plz crit


Any info on personality? Cheeky, young, sly, bright, stupid?

The mouth extends beyond the beak, try giving it more of a defined edge, so there is an end to the beak. Look at some pics of daffy duck.

Give him/her 3 toes or none.

Can you post some quick wires? It seems a little pinched in areas, but I can’t really tell you why, some wires would help.


u can take the blend file…its on this link

Thanks for the blend.
Here you can see that the normals on the wing are pointing out, as they should. However, the normals on the body are facing inwards. This is what gives the dark line around the wings. AFAIK, this is being caused by a hole under the wing.

The pole on the front of the body creates a pinch, you have 7 vertices connecting to 1. Preferrably, you want to keep quads as often as possible.
You have a lot of vertices on the neck, which isn’t really necessary, and will make problems when you animate it. Subsurf shapes are smooth, use this to your advantage.

I have pointed out the topology, as you have a smooth line (good!) but above it some rather odd shapes. Try and keep edge-loops following the flow of the body, or the muscle definition.

The other circled area also pinches the shape and looks like there is a bump there. If this was the intention, then sorry for pointing it out, but it is worth looking at.
Here is the hole, under the wing, it’s why the normals cant be calculated right I think.

Once he is connected up, you should be able to hit ctrl-n and recalc the normals outside.

Hope this helps,

thanks man…that really helped…ill try to fix that and send progress.another time thanks :slight_smile:

No worries, it’s a nice project, keep us updated!

thats the last update ive done in the eye


how is this eye

Looking good!

I think it might be best for the iris to be circular. Scale the eye so it is spherical in object mode, then stretch it out again but this time in edit-mode. The texture will be right then. Or you could alter the sizeX (or y, or z, depends on orientation) in the materials buttons, that would also do the trick.