Comic work issue#2

Hi all,

We happy to release our issue 2 comic work <Tree>. We try to tell a interesting story happened between a girl and a magic forest. We finished this issue in 3 weeks which seems much faster that issue 1(3months). And we are doing our best to delivery more high quality shots and speed up our production. So here’re some of our workflow step by step and screenshot for the final work. We create the buildings and trees seperately then composite them in Photoshop. All 3D elements are rendered in Cycles and modeled in Blender. Hope you like it and looking forward your comments. :slight_smile:


some screenshots


more :slight_smile:

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few more

two wirerame screenshots :slight_smile:


Amazing, you guys are making a really good work.

Once again, absolutely fantastic work. The style is amazing! :slight_smile:

It’s amazing but how do you do these materials?

We set the materials in Cycles. Not too much nodes but most of basics

Thanks guys, we are happy you like it. Next release issue#3 already start now and plan to release in the middle of next month. :slight_smile:

Wow, what amazing work. So well finished, congrats.

This is magnificent!! 0_0

Killer workflow :confused:

Looks great as well as the first issue. I wonder are the trees 3d? Or just painted? If they are meshes how do you create them?

Yes the trees are also 3D, I highly recommend you to check the tutorials created by Andrew Price for how to make trees in Blender :slight_smile:

Truly beautiful colors. Reminds me of the Japanese film ‘5 Centimeters per Second’. The reflections and shininess are painted right? Some of those look wonderful, especially those that’ve recieved a hard-edged brush treatment. Kudos guys!

great work …
you really do amazing work
I am do something like this to but i am not professionally like this

Beautiful work congcong, as always.
A happy new year to all.

Amazing work man! Really impressive =)