Comical Medieval Sword Fight

I would like to share my sword fight animation with you. It is my first 3D animated short and I would really appreciate critique!

The fighting itself is realistic and based on historical documents (manuscripts/treatises) from the Middle Ages. Same goes for the costumes and weapons.

It looks okay, but there are some things that needs to be fixed.

One: It’s pretty obvious. The camera is shaking thorough out the entire video. You got to stabilize that.

Two: The horse movement animation needs work. It looks like it’s sliding across the road.

Thank you!
I wanted to emulate a handheld effect with the camera, it works all right in the shots with more camera movement but in the more still shots it doesn’t.
The horse was more or less my first character model and its topology and rig are really crude and won’t allow for much better animation. And you’re right, it does indeed slide in some shots without any limb movement because I simply forgot. Lesson learned I guess…

You can only go up from here. For the horse model, there are some free models for them. Especially at the Blend Swap website.