Comics shader

Hi guys,

I’m trying to have a comic dots shader but I can’t find a simple tutorial to do it.
Also I’m wondering how I can paint a mask shader in Blender between my base shader and my dots shader in order to control the amount of dots by it.
Here is what I’m trying to have :

Thanks for your help guys, it’s a pain for me…

Use this:

or if you want to go AAA+ use this:
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I was just doing something pretty similar.

This method works on eevee becouse it needs shader to RGB node, but I guess you can do something similar with dot production in cycles.

You just need to do a standard cell shader, I used color ramp to have more control over shadows. You need to multiply it with how many steps there will be, and then substract 1 for each step of shadows. I’m sure you can do something similar after seeing node setup.

Thank you very much guys for all those answers. I’m gonna try them !
I wanted to precise that I’m not especially looking for something dynamic with lighting.


So here a test I’ve made. I don’t understand why my diffuse texture doesn’t work…THe grey appears to be black is there a way to keep the comics aspect with a texture plugged in ?

Thanks for your help !