Comics strip in Grease pencil (template download)

Hello everyone !

I am tinkering about making an open source comics strip using Grease pencil, I just love GP drawing tools, but I was wondering if there was a way to make comics frames, like the ones that come with Krita, so I could do the whole thing in Blender 2.8, or would it be better to just do the final composition in Krita ?

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated !


If you are fine with krita, you can use it.
Basically, comics frames are a template in Krita using mask layers.
Nothing prevents you to create same kind of template in Blender with a Grease Pencil object having with a mask layer defining frames.

Thanks for the reply, I tried that in Blender, still need to figure out the grid properly, thanks again !

Okay, I figured out the grid and the Grease pencil object snaps to it, so I was able to build a 7 X 10 inches, 300 dpi template with 1/16 of an inch grid, not perfect, but it seems to do the job, I will make it better over time.

So yes, the whole process can be done in Blender 2.8 after all ! :+1:

Here is the basic template 7x10comics-template.blend (883.1 KB)