Comics test

I hope you enjoy.

it looks like comic :). very nice! really…

haha, cool

wow. looks great. nice use of the new shaders.

:o VERY GOOD USE OF TOON SHADER!!! (does my tutorial have something to do with that?)

The aerosol is excelent. Good stuff. Its nice to see others using Blender for this kind of thing.

WOW! :o the quality of these toon shades is getting pretty amazing!

:o cool! :o

The can is really amazing! IMHO the alien is not so good. I haven’t tested the toon shading yet (haven’t the time), but it seems, the result strongly depends on the shape of the object. Simple spray is just piece of art, but the alien lacks details and an ‘information’ about his ‘volume’ (if you understand). :-? %|
But once again, the can is maybe the best use of cartoon shader, I’ve seen here on Elysiun. :wink:

Very Nice. The shading on the can reminds me of Roy Lichtenstein (I think I spelled his name right). Very pop-art. Would be nice to see this combined with a newsprint filter.

Anyway…are there any tutes out there for the toon shaders ?

Very nice toon shading. I like the alien dude. :smiley:

Very good work. I like the can very much. I think you’ve actually given it a personality.


Wow great toon shading… The alien is nice, but I like those cans. :slight_smile:

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