coming back to an old project: Fantasy Plant house

I was working on this back in january and now decided to come back and do some more work. Right now I am workin on the furniture.

also the angle is pretty bad but with the renderings take upto about 20 min I just dont care that much right now.

Any C&C

interesting concept. because it is so unconventional, it is rather difficult to perceive the various levels and details. a few renders from different angles might help to clarify just what we are looking at. ( for the sake of speed, you may want to just use alpha transparency for the test renders )

my first impression is that you have some conflicting styles, as parts of the structure seem to emulate docks, with heavy timbers and pilings, while other sections feature stylized angular forms. you could either commit to one style, or play them off each other somehow. perhaps the angular forms could enclose and define the rustic forms?

is that a pool out front? it seems rather unfinished, and poorly defined, whatever it is. although i am pleased it has safety features that the rest of the site seems to lack! way to stimulate my sense of vertigo!

keep at it!

jim ww