Coming for you!

Hey everyone, I’m currently a senior in high school applying to art colleges so this is a portfolio piece I’m doing for Ringling/SVA. (The deadlines are the January 15th and February 1st )


whole body

The sculpting/posing was done in Mudbox and rendered in Blender internal. Any critiques would be awesome and really helpful form me. After all, it’ll help determine how my next four years will be. haha.

NOTE: The left needs to be posed better and seem less rigid, I’ll probably try and get to that at the end.

Also, can anyone link me to a tutorial or a thread concerning making realistic blood or petroleum oil? (I plan on having blood splatters on him and the floor and his feet emerging from a puddle of oil .)

Thanks for reading!

I like the camera angle but your lighting needs work as well as the background.
looks like awesome modeling and texturing though, too much specular maybe? And skin doesnt look that realistic, so work on your materials too.

The lights are tweaked and the specularity was lowered down. Anyone have any ideas about what to do with the background? I’m complete stumped. :\

the fingers on the left hand could be curled in some more. the way they are straight out like that looks too rigid and unnatural.

If this is just a model by it self just make it a turntable. Add a circular floor against a black background.