Coming From the Mill WIP


This is my WIP for my ‘Coming From the Mill’ project. I am going to make different versions of the Lowry painting. i plan to make versions that push my blendering into areas i have not done before.


Blocking - Done
Basic Modelling - Done
Detail modelling - Done

Watercolour version - Done
Paper version - Done
Oil Paint version - Cancelled - too similar to Watercolour

‘poked’ version - In progress

Photo realistic - Done
Sculpt Bronze model - Not Done

UPDATE: here is the watercolour render finished. Under is Lowry’s original for comparison.


First update. Not had much time to work on it today, but i’ve started adding detail.

Think i may go for realistic setting / abstract people.


I little more time, a little more done. I need a good solid day to work on this, but oh well.


A bit more done. Just need to work on the pylons, post boxes etc and i’ll call the basic modelling pass done. Then on to the detail.

Finding geting the perspective looking right tricky as Lowry went for an abstract look. I’m having to make lots of compramises between staying faithful to the origanal and getting it looking believable.


Modelling pass 1 nearly done. I may save this separately and create a ‘painting’ version as well as a more detailed realistic version. Still no ideas what to do for the people.


Basic modelling done. I will use this for my water colour and Oil paint version and as a starting point for the paper version. I think i may carry on modelling the photo version though and texture all four later.


MonkMonk, you have recreated the scene very faithfully, and your lighting is done well in your last render. My only observation is the perfectly straight lines. A good place to compare is the fence at the bottom of the scene.


Thanks stevenhorton. You are right, the fence and curbs (and several other things) are not right. I will be changing a lot of what is here depending which of the four scenes I’m doing. The hardest and most time consuming will be the photo realistic one as most, if not all, of this will need to be replaced.

Cheers for the comment.

Wow, Love the idea of this project! and looking very good so far :slight_smile:

Woohoo! 3 days off, i should get some more of this done now!

I started on the detail and soon realised that i needed to test the texturing to see how much detail i needed to put in the modelling.


Ignore the obvious texture stretching and intersecting models etc. What i would like to know is how much more detail should i put in the model? Is the roof ok or shall i use a displacement modifier (or even individual tiles)?

i have included a basic render and an ‘old photo’ version. (I may make my photo-realistic version look like a old photo in the end but not sue yet)


Detail added to all front houses. Just need to go over and add some imperfections.


Detail Modelling pass finally done!

I may have to add more detail depending on how the texturing goes but i’m going to stop for now.

Next step, go back to the simple model and start the watercolour texturing.


Oh hey, that looks pretty nice. Modelling each building precisely would be a long and tedious job, though.

Is the model going to be viewed from the point of view of a town inhabitant, or from a more global point of view? In the latter case, leaving details to textures would do it.

I wish you best of luck, though.

Hey Mega-Mario.

The idea is to reproduce the original in various different ways, all of the images i’m planning to do will be viewed from the position you can see now.

Working on the water colour texture now. It’s going ok i think.


Most of the texturing done on the watercolour version! i’m pleased with how it turned out.

I’m now working on the people. After trying a few things in blender i realised that it was silly spending hours trying to get something to look right in blender when i can achieve the look in post-pro in moments. Here is my first attempt. It was just a test with one colour, i was going to add other colours later, but i quite like the monchrome look of the people.



Monkmonk, I really like this project and am enjoying watching the progression! How are you getting the watercolor effects? Do you do that in Blender or in post pro?

A test render of a building done in the style of my next version. I may do some parts out of card, some paper. Again, unsure how to do the people. I’m thinking stick men. Either walking freely (drawn on afterwards) or stick men put on paper planes and rendered in Blender.


Trying to get a sense of how this one will feel. Here are some basic idea. May change the background. And the floor. And the buildings. Maybe everything…


Test Render of another building.


It’s getting there…

I may try some texture projection for the people… Project from an object very close to the camera, so it looks ever so slightly off. No idea how to do that, but i may look into it.