Coming soon, blender University mmorpg


   I have been working on a mmorpg school for about a year and a half now, and i finally got it to a point where i have something to show.    If you have ever played games like wow, my game is similar in that you have quests you need to complete, except these quests are actually  blender project with different difficulty level. 

   to complete these project, you would then go search for teachers in the world that teaches particular topic,  when you click on the teacher, a video tutorial would pop out and teach you blender.   That's the general idea.  

the school actually also teachers game programming and gimp, but since this is a blender forum, i only talked about the blender aspect. 

to view the video you can go here

the school is completely free, any feedbacks about the concept would be nice :slight_smile:

looks quite impressive!
Very nice character setup!
About the concept? Why not?

Very cool. Will it be cross-platform/os

The video he posted said it currently works in Linux and on Windows… Mac is something for down the road.

This is a pretty cool concept. It’ll be interesting to see where you take this in the future.

nitpicking about something you said in the video:
ogre is not a game engine its a(real time) rendering engine. :wink:
crystalspace is a rendering engine that comes some additional things such as the entity layer(cel) so you can use it as a game engine, but essentially crystalspace its self too is a rendering engine. :slight_smile:

This looks impressive. What’s the state of your multiplayer/network code?

Looks great. But what would be really cool is if you could complete a project like making a nd texturing a hat and get it verified by someone, and then you get to wear it, as an incentive to complete quests.

Oooh another suggestion, your own bits of land. But everything there you have to model and texture and maybe you can rewrite physics for anti gravity or something. I guess this is all a bit far fetched, but maybe one day…

Thank you guys very much for the encouragement

yes, you are right, ogre is not a game engine, i guess personally i don’t really know the exact definition, but what I have done to provide an easy scripting language to put our blender-build stuff in a 3d environment. Now, not only can we take pictures and make movies of what we make, now we can walk right into them.

my scripting language also added an easy way to have billboards, sound and video directly in the 3d render along with our blender meshes.
(openAndplay “sing.ogg”)
(createLevel “mylevel” “lev.mesh”)
(setPosition “mylevel” 0 10 0)

 so, is that like an engine? i'm not sure my self. :rolleyes:

  About making your own land and hats, ...... well,, that's like the whole point ... so yea that's going to be done.   Well except its not like a second life if that's what you meant,  I give you my engine to program an entire game yourself,  Once you have programmed the scripts, as long as the other person has my base platform, it would run the script easily and be able to play your game. As for the video you guys saw, it is only a school that teaches your blender, gimp, and programming with my engine. 

 The network code is already done, along with the central server,  so next i'll have to test it to make sure it works, but the only problem is that it could only be tested in a rather massive scale ,  i have already done small tests, between me and my roommate's computer and we can see each other fine running around. 

  Basically the core programming is done, i now need to do preliminary tests before giving it to you guys for alpha testing.  Once that is done, i need to record like 200 video lectures, and write a crap load of documentation.  So the real release is probably still another year.
                i'll keep this forum updated

That’s a really great idea!

As I watching your video (haven’t watched the whole thing yet) I thought of something to make the quests a little more interesting:

Instead of simply looking for teachers, why not add an extra layer of difficulty: maybe you have to search for items/and maps etc that will give you clues to the location of each teacher?

I guess that sounds kind of basic too, but it sounded great in my head. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Maybe you could use these videos instead of going through the trouble to make your own?

Of course, you’ll probably have to get permission, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. (I don’t think.)


   I also have a big favor to ask if anybody is interested ,  i really would like to have some really good dance moves, (i'm big on dancing)  but animation is time consuming so i have only done the bare minimum myself, 

if any body is interested to help me give my character a good dance move, you can download the female blender file here

Also if anyone are interest to give her more uv maps, i provided the uv unwrap already

If you are going to help, please do not add anything besides animation with new name not already there and new uv texture, all the bones are named to work with the actual code. Any change would cause a crash on my side.

if anybody would like to use the model for their personal usage, you are welcome to use it,  but please at least give me the credit. 


One of those pictures in the gallery at 8:28 looks like a pic from Final Fantasy VII. Is it?

Hey, man this is one of the most interesting & cool things done with a Blender so far! Game & education?! Yea, great idea! I’m quite familiar with a Blender and Gimp, but I never tried to use any game engine, so that’s a great opportunity to start with! I’m in, & ready to learn! Good luck juliusctw, I can’t wait to test it! :yes:

This is fantastic! It seems like the obvious 4th thing to teach is how to make a teaching video and embed it in the game.

I love what you’re saying about how games are a far better way of teaching - you learn when you are stimulated, and children have an inherent desire to learn. If you get a chance, read some Tom Holt - “teach your own”, or “learning all the time” for example. I think it may click with you.

that painting was from Thomas Kinkade

I have also uploaded a second video showing a quick hello world example of how to script your blender stuff into the 3d world.

Oh I see what you mean. Yeah second life style was what I meant (I think, Ive never played it)

Good Luck, cant wait to test