Coming Soon: Free Female/Male Mesh with Hi-res Texture [in-progress]

I’ll be using this thread to update information regarding this planned free female/male (human) meshes that I’m crafting.

I’ve noticed that the 3D/CCG community at large (all software groups) are a somewhat stingy group of people, and it’s difficult to find certain types of things for free, such as people/animal meshes/materials. Zbrush’s gallery makes me green with envy and red with rage when the models collect dust on a hard-drive somewhere…

So I thought I would try and supplement the existing resources available to us blenderheads with a human model. The Female mesh shown below was built using a variety of free meshes that I’ve found online. I scoured long and hard to find quality meshes. She needs to be retop’d; I left the high poly count for the details. I probably won’t do a bump/normal map.

- Rough Female Mesh

To Do:
- Skin texture

  • Retop Female Mesh
  • Male Mesh
  • Material Tweak*

*I suck at blender materials, so I doubt I’ll do this.
**Not rigging this since I dislike blender’s rigging engine. I’ve tried many times in vain on other simpler models.


*Ignore the lipstick/hair/eyelashes; there are simple solutions for now, but they will be replaced by better means (uv map/particles/alpha mask respectively).


Comments, critiques, and assistance are welcome and appreciated.

Perhaps this should be moved to WIP?