Coming Soon: New Game Preview

Transcendent was designed as a sci-fi based first person shooter. A team project worked on by myself, Friedbrain, and TomorrowMan. For various reasons the full game will probably never be completed now :frowning: So I’m piecing together what we have so far as a demo, which should be ready next week sometime.

Here’s a couple of preview screens:

looks nice…

Hey! It’s that same guy from Airdale!

He sure gets around!

Really nice, would be kickass to play an another blender game. I’m really curious how it turns out. :smiley:

I was using him as a placeholder to work on the programming, until the new one was ready. I’m not sure if the new character will ever be completed now though :expressionless: If he is I’ll put him in before release.

It’s only an interface image though. The higher poly arms for the first person view are newly made, as are all the environments and enemies.

dam… nice shading/lighting :smiley:

looks good so far… could use a few more polygons in the arms and weapons to make them more defined though

Great work so far, you really are good at using this engine.

what ever happened to friedbrain - i could really use his help now with Project UnderWater - i saw a post by him the other day but not much action out of him…where are you hiding him? :smiley:

looks promising - what kind of fps are you getting? and what are the system specs? it looks like it would be a good quality game however some of those HUD textures are pretty lame…how far along is the game? :wink:

I’d like to talk to friedbrain myself, he seems to have vanished lately :-?

The game should run smoothly on modern gaming machines. My computer gets a consistant 75 fps (locked at monitor’s refresh rate) with no signs of any stutter. This is on an Athlon 2600+, 1GB RAM, Geforce 6800.

We did keep poly count down and texture sizes small with performance in mind. I know the game could be more detailed than it is now…

The actual size of the game isn’t very big. It was going to be a lengthy game spanning many levels, but with key members quitting, the project is effectively cancelled. I didn’t want our work to go to waste though, so I’m pulling everything together for this short demo :wink:

sounds like a responsible developer! if i wasn’t currently involved in a game i might offer some assistance but unfortunately i’m a little preoccupied… :wink:

It’ looks really nice ! Even if you’re the only one in the team, try to finish and make a full game