Coming soon to an internet near you....

Openserving, free content for all.

Openserving extends the essence of the open source model — free software and content — to all aspects of web-based computing.           
      You can set up your own collaborative blogging site.           
      All articles are sorted democratically.           
      Sound good?           
      Here's a bonus: keep 100% of the ad revenue for yourself.           

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Now THAT’s too good to be true :eek:
Nevertheless, I’m going to check it out.
Thanks for posting!

falls to knees


dear god… If that’s for real, ie. no small print somewhere, then i’m floored.

Oh… My… God… This is a dream. Wake up Alden, there is no way that this is actually happening… If they support free domains, I will be the happiest person alive. This had better not be fake.