Coming Soon

Hey everybody, it’s time for my 4th annual Christmas Special!
This year’s features include:
-Fly a UFO and abduct candy canes!
-Ride the Christmas Express!
-Mr. Nutcracker is back from last year!
-Snowboarding Penguin!
-(and more)
I’m going to try to figure out some way to distribute it, don’t worry. Can anyone tell me how to make .exe files with publisher? info on the Christmas Special coming soon!!!

I’m no expert in fact I have only made 1, but it was fairly easy. Just go to the file menu and click on make runtime. Name it when the save box comes up. whallah, now you have a exe. file.

One tip, make sure everything you want the player to see fits inside the dotted lines of the camera.

Thanks for the help.

:frowning: AHHH! No one has heard of me, plantperson The Great! :x :x
:-? I will have to do something about that.

:smiley: I’ve heard of you NOw. :wink:

hehe, me too!

i’ve heard of you somewhere… hmm…

i think …

nope never heard of you :wink:

plant person…plant person…ah, yeah! i’ve heard of you…you are that plant from the movie little shop of horror! LMAO…he he! it was a joke. :wink: nope…never heard of you either. :smiley:

Hey plant,

Where can we find your OTHER christmas specials? Can we have more info about your world games? Are those screenshots from blender or another program?

Oh plant person, NOW I remember you!

I remember that flyby from a long time ago. Still looks very nice, keep working on it:)

Some of those screens look a bit dark btw.

I have no way to distrubute my games right now. Boy, that makes me mad. The screenshots are from Blender, if they look too dark, try turning up your monitor brightness a little. Always works. My previous Christmas specials were:

  1. A still of a living room w. Christmas tree (Made in Anfy3d)
  2. A silly movie about Santa in a helicopter (Made in Blender!)
  3. A game called Mr. Nutcracker (included in Christmas Special 4!)

If you really want to see the first one (it’s lousy) I think I could find it. The second one had to go, it was 100 meg on a small hard drive. :frowning: Mr. Nutcracker is still available (at my house, anyway) and is inlcuded in my Christmas Special 4, which I finished yesterday. :smiley: Screenshots coming soon.

If anyone can give me any suggestions about distrubuting LARGE game files (my server doesn’t allow files much bigger than 200k or something stupid like that), I’d LOVE to hear them.

Beware the power of penguins everybody, and so long.

you should contact acasto…maybe he can give you a page on :smiley: