Comitment Test - Interior Scene with a story...

Hi all!

im gonna be starting a new ongoing project.
all other projects have been archived, and there is no distractions any more!
(im a real sucker for half finished projects you see)

the REASON im doing this scene is because it will give me a great oppertunity to start creating a model library!
this is very much something i would love to do, where i make every model once, properly, then re-use it for ever after.

i have purposely thought long and hard about the character who will be living in my building, so that the rooms can be designed very specifically.
Every time i just “make” something its either bare or just doesnt seem to fit.

My commitment to this project is 8-10 Hours a week.
thats an hour per weekday, and 3-5 Hours over the weekend.

I will spend the last 30mins i have left later on today, confirming exactly what the ins and outs of my character will be like and what rooms he will need in his house/flat/appartment :wink:

Stay Tuned Folks!

The scene will be HEAVILY based on a specific fictional character’s personality.

Lets start with the formal stuff:
Male, 20 Years Old, £32K per year salary.

Very few friends that want to be around him as he talks excessively and fast about geeky or business things that excite him, as a result everyone manages to get bored/lost.

This is the first time he has been away from a parent, and now realises how much work they did to keep the house functional.
he will have moved into the house about 6 months ago, so all is unpacked, and a certain amount of mess has built up.

On top of that he has a short attention span, is smart, and likes to try many new things!
He loves blender and many things techy/game-y.

Mood & Personality
He can be very energetic when excited, but most of the time he is very chilled.
He’s the kind of guy that walks away from dis agreements before they get too heated.
He’s aware of the pressing global problems related to econemy & pollution/destruction.

He loves to get a break from his techy life, and go trekking over the weekend with a hatchet and a back pack.
the idea of living off the land around him is his dream, but he knows he has to buy his way into a life like that (to get the land etc).
Because of this, he saves as much as possible but still leaves a nice life.
Always getting new hardware to keep up with his ideas to make more money on the side :wink:

I will reflect this mood and personality via messy rooms, takeaway boxes, PC, multi monitors, books on many subjects, DVD’s lining an entire wall, camera’s laying around, posters over the walls etc…

I think that basically sums him up!
(im not sure if you can tell but this is actually what i can see myself being like when im 20 :stuck_out_tongue: )

Okay my update today was actually gonna be a few sketches,
but im struggling to get my outdated scanner to work :confused:

ill give it another try tonight, sorry guys :confused:

okay i actually managed to get the scanner working, then hit more issues with it etc…
after about 2 1/2hrs of fiddling it finally scanned a page correctly!

so that was well over the 1 hour a day allocated, but it was needed.

today i have drawn the entire bottom floor, but im not sure i like it that much, so i reckon a few redraws are going to happen before i hit blender :slight_smile:

I have chosen to go with a bungalo, that has a loft conversion.
The loft will be what i call a man cave for one, projector, PC Gaming Station, a “film wall”, maybe some awesome lighting, big speakers in all the corners etc.
It will also include an office setup, so he can work on blender projects.

bathroom - small and very cluttered, shavers and spare blades, various tooth brushes and and toothpaste tubes. new/unopened and old.
(he likes to buy in bulk when there is a deal and also cleans out all the rubbish every couple of months when its beyond messy)

bedroom - this is going to be messy, but not awful, i think the word for this is “cluttered and grouped”.
An overflowing bin, a million and one pint glasses with various cider/juice levels. (he likes fruity flavours)
The main attractions here will be his open plan, floor to ceiling, walk-in storage wardrobe of crap that he just cant chuck away + a work station.

It was a DIY job that was done with some basic knowledge and turned out okay.

Okay, todays allocated hour will be spent tonight, scanning in drawings, and blocking out the house,
i like to work in 2 - 3 levels of detail.

1st level is literally different sized cubes everywhere, this resembles roughly where things go at roughly the right scale.
2nd level is an accurate bounding box, to scale, with possibly a few details to help know what it is.
3rd level is replacing it with a high poly final model.

this allows me to really get a feel for what it will look like before its happened and before many hours are poured into something that doesnt look right