Comma Dropship

This is a small project I started working on in my spare time. It is based off of the Minority Report(movie) dropship and at present I need ideas for a colour scheme.

Any comments or criticism welcome. Bear in mind this is one of the first projects I have done and the first one I was happy enough with to post here.

Looks good, but the thing on the side looks kinda crooked(not the one on the front but the one behind it…or it’s just me and my poor eyesight/knowledge of how it looks :P)

Actually the thing you mention is the door. Below is a render of the door opened. I’m not sure what you mean by crooked. If you are referring to the way it is curved at the front, this is to improve airflow around the door whilst its open during flight.

now I see, sorry my bad… looking good. Is it gonna be a still or… planning to animate it when it’s done?

not sure atm, i’m thinking initially of a still, and i’ll see how that turns out

Sorry for not posting for a while, been busy with other things. Anyway, here is my current progress:

Now I am working on internal details, cockpit interior etc.