Command and conquer logo's

Heres some logos I’ve done while back thought i share it as finished projects

Animated gif (May want use Firefox to view this below)

recent renders

nod logo

Gdi logo

Reason why i made these was for a clan i was in as cronambs, i used it as a banner and avatar for community clan, i used blender and i draw over few logos downloaded and these were the results

These are cool. ^ ^ The last game in the series I played was Tiberian Sun, but I remember it fondly.

Nice, I like the idea, 97 frames to get that Cool look! yap that banner works fine and also as avatar.
Dude RANK! :RocknRoll:

I like the animated gif a lot :slight_smile:

thanks, its seemed people from the clan did also, funny thing was few people wanted the same thing on their name for their forums