Command and Conquer Tiberium Dawn

Just downloaded C&C95(gold) ISO files and burned them to cd to install, and was wondering if I need the cd to play or not, if not how? Also I have to say this game rocks!

I’m guessing that it asks for the CD whenever you try to play?

Instead of burning them to a CD, mount the ISO with Daemon Tools. You’ll probably need to mount it every time you play instead, but that’s a small sacrifice. Only takes a second or two.

I’m just happy with the card games that comes free with the OS that I use.

No you see I burned them(see first post) to CD but the game is slow reading from CD so I was wondering if there’s a command flag to tell it where to look for the CD files on my hard disk.

if you want to open ISO files or run the games just download power iso .

this is the Website if you want to download :cool:

Does anyone read the first post? I have already burned(or is it burnt) them on to two CDs But I am now wondering if I can put the files and folders from the cd on my HD and play it from my hd(it’s installed it just doesn’t recognize the CD anymore). Is there so command line flag and if there is could some make/help me make a batch file that asks “NOD OR GDI” then you type which side and it loads the game using the folder on your HD for the side’s disk( e.g C:\WESTWOOD\NODdisc)?