command line and argv[0] path

Anyone know what the argv[0] path message is when running command line blender? The render is ok, but I always get this message. I’m thinking it is becuase there is no path is specified for the *.blend file.

no, it’s because blender is trying to figure out where the executable is based on the first argument you call it with [itself]

in other words, the problem is that you’re running blender but not specifyin the full path

this will give you the warning:

blender -w

this will not

/home/nick/blender2.41/blender -w

Thanks, Zerod,

Has anyone been able to name the output files from the command line? When I’m rendering two different scenes at the same time with the same number of frames, the file names are identical…which obviously means problems! Using command line, Blender names the output file like 0001_0700.avi (start at frame 1 and end at frame 700).

in the render window name the output file, even putting “blah” in there in one scene and “moof” for the other will make them have different names [probably blah.avi and moof.avi]

render settings are specific to the scene

thanks, I didn’t know that