Command line multithread rendering in 2.56

Hello there!
I am trying to render a scene. I’m not an expert in blender but I think it is not very complicated, it is a volume render of a small cloud and it takes ~1:50 min in a computer with 8 processors. Maybe the problem is that I am not specifying the number of threads correctly. The command is the following:

blender2.56 -b satellite.blend -t 8 -f 1

So what you got?
8 Processors, 4 Cores with SMT or 8 Cores?

Besides that, 1:50 sounds about ok for volumetrics. If you got some shadows, maybe occlusion it takes as long.

Volume renderings are heavy to render, but your setting is correct.
If you save your file with a setting of 8 cores in render settings > performance you don´t need it in the command line.
Not all parts of the rendering are threaded, e.g. Precaching volume is single threaded, so 8 cores are not advantageously in any settings.

Cheers, mib

Yeah the thing is that I am rendering remotely via ssh, so I need the file with auto threading for my local computer and remotely I use the specified 8 cores. I think I will stick to the auto settings for the remote one too since I think it is using all the cores.

However, do you know of any .blend file special for benchmarking my computer’s render capacity?

Thank you very much


I was once told that the order of some parameters on the command line matters when Blender is running from it.

So I wonder does changing the command line from:

blender2.56 -b satellite.blend -t 8 -f 1


blender2.56  -t 8 -f 1 -b satellite.blend

Make any difference?

Pretty sure you need to specify the blend first. Try it and see.

Yes, the -b [blend file] goes first