Command line render animation just 1 frame, black output.

Hi :slight_smile:

While developing renderfarm management software, i stumble uppon a anoying problem. I try to render just 1 frame of animation from command line. But i only get black output. This is my command line:

blender -d -b fire.blend -o frame- -F PNG -x 1 -f 3

I expect to see frame nr.3 containing some fire/burning flames. But nothing is there. Now i did found that when i replace β€˜-f 3’ wuth -a (animation render)
it renders all the frames perfectly, so i do get visual output. But i don’t want to render all frames, just one.

Using blender 2.69, tested on both Windows and Linux. The blend file is attached.

What am i doing wrong?




Fire.blend (569 KB)