Command Line Render on 2.8

Has anyone else had issues trying to do command line rendering? I get a message that “blender” is not a system command. Did 2.8 stop supporting this?

Hi, no it should still work. That error occurs when you try to start Blender from CLI outside of the folder containing the executable and Blender is not in your $PATH. Try to navigate where Blender lives and do it again. If you are by any chance a Linux user don’t forget the leading ./ (I believe on MAC you need it also)

Here is a great easy script for doing command line rendering. Works with 2.80 as well for Linux and Windows.

Thanks guys for the reply. I don’t know if because I reinstalled it I messed up an environment variable or I just hadn’t done it in a long time. That script is really cool!

It is possible to render different scenes in one bat file? Now when first scene finish rendering i must hit enter to run second scene. comand looks like that (1 and 2 at the beggining is just for showing rowes not in bat file):

1 blender.exe -b “H:\Documents\Blender\okna\anim9\anim9_gora_roleta_001.blend” -o “D:—[projects]—\Blender\Okno\Klatki!Anim9\anim9_roleta_ruch_nadol\anim9_roleta_gora_ruchnadol#####” -s 2918 -e 2920 -a
2 blender.exe -b “H:\Documents\Blender\okna\anim9\anim9_cala_gora_002.blend” -o “D:—[projects]—\Blender\Okno\Klatki!Anim9\anim9_roleta_zaczep\anim9_roleta_zaczep#####” -s 1938 -e 1941 -a