Command Line Rendering in Windows 2000?

(Phrangkk) #1

Is this possible? Preferable?

BTW I’m scared to try 2.25!

I don’t know why, but I can’t stop using 2.23!
Help ME!

(slikdigit) #2

I think it is. If you run blender with -h from the prompt, you get a list of options.
2.25 was a bit rushed, renders somewhat slower, but has really cool features:
good booleans
more constraints
nla workin’
realtime reflection image map
two subdivision levels: one for display and one for render
why use just one? you can switch back and forth. Most of the python scripts only work in 2.23, due to api changes.

(S68) #3

It works, I use 2.25 on Win2k

Install BOTH

use 2.25 for modelling, for the abovementioned reasons

use 2.23 to render, expecially in bg, because it is much FASTER


(the wave) #4

Sorry to butt in on this conversation but where can I find version 2.25?

(mthoenes) #5

The wave,

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