Command Line Rendering with EEVEE is slow

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I test Command Line Rendering with EEVEE with a build from today.
My Testszene needs 3min20sec with normal Rendering in Blender for the Animation.
With Command Line Rendering it needs 4min33sec.
The GPU Load is only 50-60%
blender -b PathToBlend -a

Win7 64Bit
GTX 1070 - Newest Driver.

Do I need some special Arguments for the Command Line?

(Daedalus_MDW) #2

could it be gpu power states?

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Hi Daedalus_MDW,

many thanks for your answer.

The Nvidia Inspector shows me Powerstate 0 by 50% GPU usage.

But the GPU shouldn’t really care if I start a program by double clicking or via Command Line.