command line rendering???

Hi, I’m currently rendering an anim for The Exo…for an animation. hehe

And it take like 1.30 minute per frame, and 5 image per frame because of mblur. I heard that command line rendering render faster than the in blender buttun. So my question is HOW DO I USE COMMAND LIN RENDERING???

thanks in advance!

Start a console window. (that’s a command-prompt or a dos-prompt)… Navigate to your Blender folder. Type

blender -h

Hit ‘enter’. That will give you the full list of command-line options.

You can use my Background rendering script to start a command line rendering directly from inside Blender.


You can use also my background rendering script
to span rendering over a network if you have more CPU available.


Hey - that sounds pretty powerful.

or if you are in windows just open notepad and write a batch file with the commandlines and it’ll do the job. no need for scripts & stuff if you don’t need network rendering. (no offense to S68 or theeth)

dunno about other operating systems though…