Command line switch / workaround for specific startup file


I have created a template which I would like blender to load, but I would also like the option of having blender load different templates on request.

Though I can use the following…

blender.exe -ba c:	emplate1.blend

This loads the file, rather than loading it as a startup.blend… so which i do CTRL+S it saves over my template rather than prompting me to save to a new file.

I have more than one template and so saving it to startup.blend is not an option.

Using Windows 7 x64, so a batch file is fine.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

No replies?

I’m guessing there isn’t a straight forward solution.

The hacky way I am using is downloading a copy of blender fromm Graphicall and using one download per template.

Works… but annoys me, as I’m sure there is a ‘proper way’!