command voice recognition

Recently I’ve discovered voice recognition. I’ve started using it for commands only - no dictation. My idea is to use it in order to save my ‘keyboard hand’, as it is getting pretty painfull lately after hours of working the shortcut keys.
Now, I making this thread to get as much input as possible from you guys. Two questions I want to ask:

  1. What is the best software? I’m using e-Speaking, and I’ve tried Dragon Naturally Speaking, but that is for dictation only.
  2. What is the best microphone setup?
    Obvoiusly any other comments/advice from experienced users would be helpfull.

I’ve had good results with a headphone style microphone. The type I bought has one earphone, and a small mic that is on a flexible wire just in front of my mouth. I don’t have to speak very loudly and it is clearer than a mic on my desk, which picks up other noise in the room.