Command window just sits upon startup.

After restarting Windows, for whatever reason, when I start Blender the console window appears and just sits there, no lines of code are being run at all no matter how long I wait. Subsequently the Blender program never appears.

The blender.exe process, according to Windows Task Manager, sticks to 1,084 K and doesn’t move an inch.

I’m using the latest Blender 2.74.

Windows 7 64-bit
AMD A8-3800 APU w/ Radeon™ HD Graphics 2.40 GHz

Is there some registry or something that I could edit or delete that could fix this?

Your responses are most appreciated!

Sometimes when I’m low on system ram the startup can hang at the console window. Try a different blender build/version number.

Well, what did you do to your system that required a restart? Installed something? What?
Some custom desktop themes (Window Blinds!) are notorious troublemakers and can cause exactly what you describe.

I was trying to fix another irrelevant quality issue (my mouse’s motion would intermittently lag every 1-3 minutes for about 1 second) so all I did was tried following a fix by running the msconfig.exe via a cmd window, went to the “Boot” tab, selected “Advanced Options” and had the “Number of processors” checked with “4” selected as the number of processors that my computer has is 4 (Quad-core after all). I then dutifully shutdown all programs and restarted the computer, which got me to the mess I was in with Blender(see below for update). I even reversed what I did with the msconfig.exe settings and it didn’t change anything regarding Blender.

It didn’t fix the mouse issue, and by this point I’m going to trade my wireless mouse (which is quite old I might add) for a wired one and see if that fixes it.

UPDATE: I left the blank Blender cmd window open overnight just to humor myself, and I’m surprised to find Blender open! (YAY!) But is there a way I can be sure that Blender will open more readily next time? How long should I give it time to “wake up in the morning” as it were?