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Hi there as many of you people know me and my team are working on a new software and here is off the power that you can do with it

and if you think that’s awesome what it can do right now think again :

right now we are finishing it off and when we are done it will be able to do real time hair right now it can do realtime fur like this blender render :

Execpt on Command ++ it work’s in the game engine also :D.

And what is really funny And I am not joking is that We tested how many realtime fur’s it take’s in the game engine for it to lagg and Command ++ can support over 70 realtime fur particle’s and then it start’s to lagg but I did not even notiece it :smiley: well anyways my command ++ forum is :

Post there if you have any question’s about the new comming software ;).
I have to go for now I got school I am in collage :frowning: so much work lol well cya all :wink:


you and lord quick kill were able to make that ?

If you can code this together, maybe you should devote this extra stuff to Blender’s GE! Thats quite impressive for just a few people and a few days.

definently…that would be pretty damn good

Me and Lord Quick Kill and 14 other members in my team are working on the software at the moment using c ++ and If I knew how to upgrade blender’s GE I would I would make It have particle’s ect… in the GE But now that My team and me have started the new software we might as well stick with the new software ;). But in the mean while I will be just posting updated snapshot’s of the engine and a beta version will be out soon as possible :wink: and cheack out and post ect… on my forum site at :

Thanks Again And REMEMBER :


I am Back And Me and some other team member’s have finished more part’s of the software and we have just finished a test render of our logo made on command ++ :wink: here is the link :


srry that It might take awhile to laod :frowning: . And we tested that sence in the game engine and it works just perfect :D. the same graphics that that render has on the link above that’s the same type of graphic’s the Game Engine Can do ;). And here is a small grass patch that we made yesterday here is the link :

And Rizzo I wish I could help out blender’s GE But :frowning: I don’t know how to lol. That might be out of my reach. Well post your question or whatever you want to ask . I have to go back to work lol. :wink:


Out of your reach! are you kidding!? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: If you and your team can accomplish this stuff in a matter of a few days then you can ask some of the GE programmers for some information on the innerworkings of the GE…! I would love to see your creative energy in the GE, serious.

Hi there Rizzo And I have talked with my team they said when we get at least 1 engine out we are going to see If we can help out Blender’s GE But in the meanwhile we are just going to work on command ++ :wink:
Right now we have hit a problem in the coding it seem’s that the 3D game engine will be taking a bit longer to make. we have tried to make it so you can model in the engine itself but something won’t let us compile that code -.- so what we intend to do as plan B is insted of making it create model’s in the engine itself. We are going to make it so it will just import / and export model’s so you will need blender to model and then you will be able to import them to command ++ :wink: I just hope this plan dose not fail and hopefully we can get the modeling part working on our engine :smiley: well I gota go again cya all :wink:


that would be awesome…thats what crystal space should do… but instead you have to stay at keyboard typing…code

I’d like to see more screen shots an possibly a working executable! It dosen’t have to be working with all the feature just something I can tinker around with… Peace

The fur effect looks interesting. Different layers that is scaled ? If you trying to make it as easy as possable, have the icons change depending on the function like in Tux Paint.

Hi there Rizzo I will compile a small demo so you can fool around with later :wink: And Al_Capone Yes My engine could make different layer’s of image’s on top of eachother so it can basicly fake fur ect… and It can also use real time fur particle’s in the GE ect… to so when I compile it for Rizzo He can fool around with some particle’s and the over laying image feture wich I think are some pretty powerfull feture’s don’t you dude’s agree ? lol :wink: Well I gota eat right now and do some other stuff before I start compiling right now I am at a friend’s house lol. Well in the meanwhile :

On this screenshot :

It uses some realtime particle’s and over laying image’s and both work in the GE :D.