Commander Keen

Hey blenderheads. I just got dosbox and started running some copies of commander keen on my comp. And damn, are they good. Since I was born right before the birth of the N64, I never got to witness this masterpiece. But my mom and dad did. They told me that when they worked at Curtis Machine Co. in Dodge City, Kansas, they would play commander keen. My dad played it so much he lost all taste in video games. Sort of the same with my mom but video games are still a small part of her brain. But anyway, I downloaded episodes 1-5 and I must say that these have to be better than all this xbox 360 and ps3 super killmaster shooter games. Ever since I started playing commander keen, I have been exploring the classics more and more.
You guys post whatever stories you have with commander keen in your childhood. I would love to hear them.

Played a lot of classics… never played this one though… I don’t know… the first Episodic game I think I played was Leisure Suit Larry… Earliest game I played was probably Oregon Trail on an old Apple IIe (maybe something prior but I can’t remember if the Atari 800 was before or after).
If you want other good classics, check out Kid Nikki, Rolling Thunder, Golgo 13, the old Duke Nukems (the side scrollers), a bunch of the old Nintendo games (NES). The games older than NES and SEGA tended to be a little abstract because of the limitations of the hardware/programming, but there were some good’uns on the floppy/cartridge machines earlier. (checking Gametap for Commander Keen).

Commander keen and his pogo stick . . . .

Commander keen and his pogo stick . . . .

Lol definitely

I remember him… running under bouncy mushrooms with evil grins, stunning slugs (and parents iirc), bouncing around on a pogo stick, fleeing from angry rocks… and the annoying “dee-dee-deeee…der-der-derrrr” everytime you died. Unfortunately my family got rid of the computer with Keen on it earlier this year (well, it ran Dos and Windows 3.11).

I never played it, but has it been re-released or something? I swear this is the third random forum thread about Commander Keen I’ve seen today, and it’s kinda freaking me out.

And I should probably be ashamed for having never played it. I’m old enough to have owned a 2600, I probably should have played it. I guess I just couldn’t tear myself away from Jazz Jackrabbit long enough.

running under bouncy mushrooms with evil grins

I think you played episode 4.

I never played it, but has it been re-released or something?

They released a version on the gameboy but that version sucked, or so I’ve heard.

Man, I loved the Commander Keen games… Those games were just coming out when I was a kid. I went looking for some of the old games I played back then (including Commander Keen) and I found out that Apogee (now 3DRealms) had released many of them as freeware. You can find a ton of downloads of their classic games here:

Raptor: Call of the Shadow was one of my favorites, and Balls of Steel was the best PC pinball game ever…

I Find Dos games to be more entertaining than a lot of the new ones.
List of top 10 fav’s:

10: Trolls
9: Crystal Caves
8: Word Rescue
7: Eternam (well before it’s time)
6: Xargon
5: Worms 2
4: Duke Nukem 1&2
3: Commander Keen
2: Monster Bash
1: Bio-Menace. Trust me, this is one of the best scrollers in existence and is now freeware, so download it ASAP!

And props to Raptor, great arcade game!

My favorite DOS game was Solar Winds, & in my opinion one of the best space games ever. you can dl it for free…

Yeah, Raptor was nice. Commander Keen was cool. But we all know that Wacky Wheels was the most fun of all :ba:

I mean, it actually had multiplayer as a feature. It was like playing Twister on your keyboard :eyebrowlift:

Keen is a cool game, I played it lots when I was a kid. And this topic reminds me of my old little project, which I should complete…

Ahh… feel the love. Many the hour spent basking in the awesomeness of those games.
If you are classics hunting…

Day of the Tentacle - RECOMMENDED! :ba:
Monkey Island series
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Dark Forces - back before Kyle Katarn also turned out to be a jedi and Lucasarts churned out jedi game after jedi game. (Looking forward to Force Unleashed though.)

Keen is a cool game, I played it lots when I was a kid. And this topic reminds me of my old little project, which I should complete…

You MUST complete it! It is your density… I mean destiny,