(Muthird) #1

The action registration function is familiar with The DCC tool!
This is a versatile add-on that the moderator thinks and programmer implements!
CommandRecorder has fuction of records and plays.
Watch the video for installation and usage!

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(kkar) #2

Nice, this is ike Modo’s macros.

(yogyog) #3

Well - this is a great way to introduce yourself to the forum - this looks like a great plugin! And welcome aboard!

(Safetyman) #4

Oh nice. Similar to Photoshop actions.


Funny that I was tinkering with LScript commander in Lightwave yesterday and thought that some features would be nice to have in Blender. Today I see this and it looks awesome and much better than the features I thought would be good.
As Safetyman said, looks like actions in Photoshop.
Great work and thanks for sharing.

(Muthird) #6

Thank you very much. Please contact me if you have any problems or requests.
If you like, please send a request to Blender.
[email protected]