Comment Feature on Nodes

I have trouble remembering node set-ups that I use, particularly what controls affect what aspects of my PBR textures, and I thought it would be very handy to have a feature that allowed you to attach little stick-it notes on the nodes to help.

Would be a great idea for an add-on.

We already have the ability to add “labels” to nodes. This changes what is displayed in the name field for the node. We can also change the color of each node, condense groups of nodes into a single nodegroup with re-nameable inputs, and place nodes inside frame nodes, which can also have labels and colors:

Oh and I almost forgot that you can make framenodes display text files:

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I think this would do exactly what I want.

Now how do I set that up?

You just make a text file in the text editor blender has, then select the framenode and in the n-panel under Item tab > properties, you should see an option for selecting a text file.

Or you just type the text into the Label. It can take text up to 64 chars