Comment on forum rules..

I agree with most of the forum rules, but it appears that we are not allowed to descuss pollitics or religion in the forum. You allready have many politically charged artworks and religious iconography on the forum, so why have these rules? I’m sure you don’t want threads to degenerate into religious hatred, or for parts of the forum to turn to irrelivant political debate, but lets not forget that Open Source is a highly political movement.

I just say that this new clean white forum is really nice.

This is an art website. As long as any religious/political content falls under the Blender Art category, it’s allowed. The discussion, however, usually just ends in a flame war. The flame war usually starts with “I think it’s stupid to believe in something that doesn’t exist” or a user trying to preach to us (Cyborg Dragon did this very often when he was Kansas_15). I am a proud Christian, and I would like to discuss my religion, but it just won’t work out on a forum like this.