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About to call it a night, thought I’d say hey to the community :slight_smile:

Sometimes I’m dismayed by the number of posts some members have thinking that means they are better, smarter, or … whatever.

If you have something to contribute, don’t worry about what anyone else says. Share your ideas, we’ll all be better for it.

Have a good night.

Why? Some members here have thousands of posts, but either have never posted any cg work or suck at it.

Yeh? And just who are you little tiny god of dinky things? Perhaps some people don’t post thier works here because of people like you! Get it dill rod? STFU!

i think i fall under the “i suck at CG” catagory (but not for long :evilgrin:).

Well, I wasn’t targeting anyone with that comment, but what I said does hold for some members here.

A person who posts 1000+ posts on a CG forum in threads like “xyz the person below you” and never gives anyone any useful critique is only wasting his time.
Just checked the threads started by you and maybe it evoked such a strong response from you because most of your threads are in off-topic.

My words probably shouldn’t have included “suck”, but it does hold for some people.

I apologize, I got mad and I should not have done so. It is just very difficult for me to see such harsh statements coming from a “member” of this community. We all suffer from our faults, some more than others. Still in all, I don’t feel that it is correct to say that someone may “suck” at CG, unless of course you might be “the best of the best”, in which case I will gladly take my place in the rear seats and learn from the professionals providing that they can teach anything at all.

Oh well, cheers, pix

Yes its true, but i think there is absolutely no need to create a thread for that. Different people have diffirent tastes.
Some people (me included) like to just talk something off-topic while working on a blender project or while waiting for a rendering job to finish, just to relax.
I dont feel there is anything wrong with that. So it would be better to show some understanding. My appoligies in case you are bugged with my thoughts.

Yeah, so what is it to you? Are you a forum cop or something? Go change your pants!


Okay. I had to say that.

I read this thread and my mental picture is this

Sarcasm 101

I will not forget that irony translates badly on the internets…
I will not forget that irony translates badly on the internets…

I am an accomplished, manic-depressive, anal retentive 2D analog/digital artist and until I am happy with my initial 3D projects (if ever, not enough time…), I will take my current crop of renders with me to the grave. Let’s just blame it on professional pride and leave it at that. That said, I find the forums, which I read to pass the time as there is a concentration of like-minded (I hope?) people here, is at its most interesting/amusing/informative when there is a bit of contention. Some of the posts are inadvertantly funny and make me laugh, a lot. That said, should my opinion be simply dismissed because I have yet to work up the courage to post one of my works, despite my extensive experience in other fields, or your opinion for that matter because you are a twat/arsehole/idiot/tool/chop?

You do know that Arundati Roy is refering to God being in the details and that enlightenment is found by attention to detail?

My original comment was in reply to the original poster, since he said:

Sometimes I’m dismayed by the number of posts some members have thinking that means they are better, smarter, or … whatever.

When it comes to anything other than modeling, I suck a CG too. And I haven’t posted anything for a while either.
My only intention was to emphasize that a high post count does not imply that the person is an artistic genius, or he is regularly posting stunning artwork. Is that incorrect?

But people seem too have made their own interpretations. I do not have a problem with people not posting artwork or sucking at CG.

But even if it is interpreted the other way, no one should have a problem with me having a problem with these people, whether you do or do not belong to that category.
I would have never gone on to write so much had some people I respect not had the impression that I was a toddler.

As for the other comment, since my opinions matter so much to some people, I take it back.
People only here to play forum games on a CG forum are not wasting their time.

I have not read The God of Small Things. I only came to know of it in my early teens, that was also the time we first had internet access and I made up my username based on it because I thought it was pretty cool.

But if you do prefer to judge people by their usernames, you may do so.

@GodofBigThings - The irony appealed to me. Big gods, small details?

HA! there are a lot of them.

Don’t worry about it so much…
We do understand such things:

After all, we are all friends here, right?

Yes. :yes:

I suck at CG, but still love trying my hand at it anyway. :slight_smile:

plus, every respectable forum out there has an off-topic section to let people socialize in more ways than simply offering free critic or asking technical questions. People in blenderartists used to be more fun back then, nowadays they pushed off-topic down there to the bottom…