Comments on this room...

I made this room and could use some feedback. Sometimes when you have seen your sceen for a lot of time you tend to overlook somethings, so I need a fresh look.
I was looking at some files at KatorLegaz so I got some inspiration and I used some references from this site.

Ok, this is the first time i show my work…
let see how it goes…:smiley:


wow very good. my only complaints would be the tree in the window looks stretched a bit.

and whats under the table? it looks sort of like someone detonated a small bomb under it. lol. is that a shadow or is that the rug design?

either case well done.

Thanks. :slight_smile: yes I know the tree don’t look so good. I put it there to ad something organic, but I guess it dosnt look to realistic. Good one about the bomb, I can't explain what happend. I think it has something to do with the texture of the rug and the shadow of the table. I also dont undertand why there are some shinny thing in the
intersection of the wall and the roof. maybe someone can help me
explain and correct this.

I know a lot of this spot and error can be corrected with photoshop
but I’m trying to make a render without having to correct to much the
scene later with photoshop.

anyway, thanks on the comment

Try moving the table and re-rendering, to see if it is the table’s shadow that is causing the explosion. Looks like someone spilt an ashtray and tried to wipe it up with their hands. :slight_smile:

As for the wall-roof corner, you could put some cornices up. :wink:
It might be light leaking in from outside.

Just a guess, I’m pretty new to blender.