Comments to pageview ratio on elysiun?

I was just wondering what the average comment to view ratio is for these forums, because I was amazed that while only two people have commented on my finished project over six hundred have viewed it. Are guests included in pageviews?

I was hoping for some more constructive criticism. :frowning:

IMO, it’s one of the biggest problem on elysiun: lack of constructive critics

I’m also guilty of not replying enough in the art forum…but that’s mostly because I never know when someone is gonna take it badly. I often made constructive critism to some peps, and recieved angry reply…eh anyway that’s another problem of most user here, afraid of the critic.

Note that it’s views, not viewers. I’ve viewed this thread three times - once to read it, once to reply, and once to read my reply, make sure I didn’t screw it up, and add this sentence.

Also, you had a nice long WIP thread, some people may have said everything they felt needed to be said in there already.

Well, I think that there are way to many threads where people post something at, say, 6pm, then come back an hour later and re-post on their thread asking why no one has replied, even though 90 people have seen it.

I’m not sure, but I think that the forum counts non-members, who can’t reply to posts, and probably don’t want to.

Remember a lot of people who browse here aren’t members.

Also, like weirdhat said, alot, maybe most, of the regualr members have seen your WIP, (it has been round for a while) and commented on it. Don’t take it personally, if there’s nothing to say, there’s nothing to say.

For example, I commented on this on the WIP section, but there are no huge changes to it, so therefore I really have nothing more to say about it!

Well, the average reply to post is about 20%. No matter what forum you are on.

At CG Talk, I have recevied even less. Almost 3% replies to views.

If someone has somthing to say, they will say it. Don’t be offended by it. Don’t get pissed about it. It is a reality that you will have to live with. That is all there is to it.