(rwenzlaff) #1

A buddy on a mailing list asked what the gait of a three-legged walker would look like, so I did this, and in the process came up with some very Toonish features…

Detective Thorn

(S68) #2


I’m doing a three legged Mech, as you might see on the WIP forum… but I opted for the ‘two side legs move together’ pardigm…


(snailrose) #3

Hey thats pretty cool!!
Not much in the way a critique :smiley:
Good work


(BgDM) #4

Excellent animation. LMAO at the end.

Good job on the walk cycle as well. Very well done and thought out.


(malefico) #5

Nice job man. Only critique I could think of is that sometimes the feet seems to slide a little, but I barely noticed it.

Very nice job.



(Hos) #6

Not too bad! The main prob I have is the
feet sliding around as if he is on ice. What you
need is an “inverse foot rig”, which is
designed to help such problems.

Check this video out to learn more:


(rwenzlaff) #7

Yeah I know the walk needs work. I basically whipped this one out so it would still be relavant on the mailing list. (4 hrs to first rev. Added the “look down” and “stare” toon gags the next day.)

I actually wrote a script to lock feet, but oddly enough, it only has inputs for two legs…


(VelikM) #8

Kool! lots of personality. :smiley: