Commercial Blender Game - Nearing Completion

Hello Everyone.
Happy New Year.
I am pleased to announce you all that I have been developing a Commercial Quality FPS game in blender and it is nearing completion.
But I need your comments and views. You can get some screenshots & Features of the game from my website
There is also a playable abondoned version that you can download. It is my New Year Gift to all Blender Folks. I bet very few games made in blender will have some much work in it.
I need some encouragement . I need to know to know that ‘there are people who are interested in Blender Games’
So please tell me what do you think about the game.
Waiting for you guys…

Not sure where to go to check out the screens on your page…

Try this link Goto MechaCop menu

What version of Blender is this being developed in?

If in 2.42 you should tell us your secrets to creating some of the features and how you get around the limitations like speed.

Sorry the link in the post seems to have gone off.

That gives me a 404 error, and that new link sends me to the news section of your page.

Edit: nevermind, figured it out.

I started with 2.35
But now i am using 2.41. It will be released in 2.41
because 2.42a is not working correctly for physics.

does the link give error
or the MechaCop link in the home page gives the error

In 2.43 you will be able to use compounds and joints without python. I think there’s bug fixes too.

Click on the screenshot, that directs you to the page of that site then on the side menu click on the Mechacop or whatever.

the Mechacop link on your website gives the error
I’d like to see it though.

Hi checked the links and did a lot of checking before. the links seem to be good.
Try it again
Does it really gives error ?

Hi Cyborg.
My game seems to run crazy in 2.42a. I think there is incompatibility due to physics engine change. So i desire to stick to 2.41 … I know graphics quality & speed is much impoved in 2.42a. But it ain’t running.

Snailrose is also working on replacing the current render engine with OGRE, so once that’s settled you’ll be able to take your graphics to the next level along with the physics.

well from looking at the screenshots on the site, i’m sorry but this really doesnt look “commercial quality” It looks good for something done by a small group of people in Blender though, but still not very “commercial quality” looking at the moment

I think i can do with 2.41 for the current version.
The only hitch is that i need a version of the game engine which does not terminate abruptly when Escape key is pressed

Ya, The Modelling is not so good. But i think by flooding the player with too much effects along with sound will try to reduce the little quality flaw. After all in that you won;t have time to look and wonder at the beauty of your enemies.
Well everything has to have a start…

Well Guys… I am going out now for a whiIe.
Won;t be here for sometime. But i’ll see your comments… bye
& Wish you all a happy new year

Question: In the version your making now (Not the abandoned one) will there (Or is there) an actual mouselook script? Because in the abandoned version you can’t look up or down…

RagingChaos66: I Know that’s what i was thinking.