commercial chess-like board game - I need a BGE coder

I have some graphics plans of a chess-like board game, check this image:
(This is a screenshot from BGE, not render!)

I want to make a commercial game and I need a coder.
-you want to make a commercial game
-you have designer skills to make a chess-like game
-you are good in BGE and Python
-you have experience in making full and finished games

We can talk about the project in email: endi (a) index .dot. hu :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad english.

This should go in the team projects section, not the finished game.
Nice screen :slight_smile:


Online multiplayer?

I could help. PM me if you are intrested in me joining you.

Chess AI is kind of hard. I’ve done a few tests before, but it turned out to be just random.
Good luck! There are also some examples on the forum for you guys to look at :slight_smile: Just search up Chess and you’ll be sure to find it :smiley:


That should help you :smiley:

endi: Hey, I sent you a PM yesterday. I’ve been programming in the blender game engine for several years. AI is my specialty :slight_smile:

I will write but I have no time, please wait :slight_smile:

The graphics are genius :slight_smile: I love the little dwarf dudes!

How different will the rules be from chess?

I will open a new topic in the team project section and I will write more.
Please wait, I need to collect all my thougts.

new topic opened with more and many infos!
and at the good section: team projects :slight_smile: