Commercial furniture collection for sale (need feedback)

Hi everyone,

I’m on the way to launch a new commercial 3D object collection, mainly classic furniture,
there’s about 40 models fully textured, optimized for yafaray / luxrender

the studio setup / render settings, are included in all objects, you will obtain the same renders as shown in the previews,

the individual object package will include:
blend file + textures
an OBJ version
an HD Quality render previews

The collection package will include:
all the furniture objects + decorative objects like books on the shelves and so on,

I really appreciate if you can help me fix the right price for individual objects and for the whole collection and how many of you are interested !

see samples:

Any suggestions, Ideas are welcome, thanks

this one is rendered on luxrender

I would put a whole collection of 40 models at that quality up near €150 - €300.

For individual models I can see you getting between €20 - €60 depending on the model.

thanks oblenob for the feedback,

we have decided to sell them in 3 ways

1- individual objects that includes:
blend file + textures
an OBJ version (tested and certified with 3ds max)
an HD Quality render previews

2-mini collection packages :
containing few objects that works well together like those I used for the interior render

3-the complete collection :
with all the furniture objects + decorative objects like books on the shelves, artifacts, electronic devices and so on…(see the interior render above to get an idea)

the suggested prices are:
the individual objects will be sold for a price between 20$ - 70$
the mini collections will be sold for 150$
the complete collection (40 Objects) for 300$

Now I’m looking for the best marketplaces to publish them, and most importantly how many of you are interested in purchasing ? what do you think ?,


Great models, but there are shaders only for luxrender and Yaf(a)ray that are not really popular (instead of V-Ray and Mental Ray). The prize is way too high in my opinion; i would sell the whole collection for about 100-150$ at best.

The models and texturing look great! The prices might be just a little high, but they’re close. The problem with furniture is that there is so much out there, and there is a lot of deicent stuff that’s pretty cheap. As far as companies go, TurboSquid is what we use when we need something. Problem with them is they take 50% of the profit, on the upside, they cut you a check and send you a W2 at the end of the year.

imo, compare prices in turbosquid, the3dstudio, (imo, this work is up in their top quality level…) etc. No need to go lower and lower just for the general feel of today’s environment, etc. We all need to watch the market and integrate into prices of similar quality… Or we’ll kill it as a possibility. Besides, that’s really good work, you deserve compensation…

Well, prices maybe are good, but do a s olid comparison/research…

consider making your own site, and promote it, seo work, etc, in the special world of rings and people that can be interested on this… (specialized portals, social networking difussion, etc)

well, in my opinion.

Correction, Turbosquid now takes 60% of the profit, unless you sign an exclusivity agreement with them. Maybe read this forum before you make your final decisions:

The price is NOT to high. Just take a look at Turbosquid.
Actually I even think this 40 high quality models are too low prices for a total of $300.


Hi all, and thanks for the feedback

for now I don’t have the means to sell them on my website,
I have published the first model on 3d02 here’s the link

and maybe sell them on other marketplaces like: (they takes 40%) (they takes only 30%) (45%)

for turbosquid it’s well known but I don’t like the different tax payment. and they take too much (60%)

I will update my website ( as soon as possible with final renders detailing each object, and collection renders (with the decorative objects)

yep, genscher, my post was going in that line. These are really good for stock models. I think 300 for all is quite cheap.

btw, TS is…for the word spread all around, is a reference.

But… a load of places + solid good SEO on each, if not may equal to turbosquid…who knows…That’s one of the reasons I said the own website root… (is not exlcusive, you can do both. )

but I guess you have other reasons. the models are really good, these items sell alone, don’t worry. but put 'em in many places, that’s seo alone, besides increasing a lot chances of purchases.

Cost you nothing to upload to a bazillion places, and this is pur statistics…

Good luck !!

I will update my website ( as soon as possible with final renders detailing each object, and collection renders (with the decorative objects)

well… you can do seo , promotion for that after all, if in your site you’r pointing to the many stores, is almost same effect.

But putting aarticles, links, stories, submitting to directories, the section of your site were you promote that and were directly are the links towards the stores entires… then… great. Sells are more possible to happen.

But you’d know better… :slight_smile:

for these kind of models… give renderosity a chance , as well… since always been a place for poser people, people doing scenes, purchasing items, etc… is more of hi res than low pol, that place, so, may worth a look.

If you could optimise the shaders for v-ray as well, you would increase the value of these by quite a bit.

You could also sell just the video and still images & vectors (if possible) (not the 3d files) @… Videos go anywhere from 15 credits to 90 credits (HD 720 75, NTSC SD 40). Ea credit starts @ $1.52 and you earn 76¢ (and once you sell enough, you earn more).

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