[commercial game] Car racing game "Road to Fame"

this is the homepage of our low-budget car racing game for pc/win


Cars and half of the level made with Blender. Cars exported to our engine, but the level things (buildings etc.) exported to Lightwave, so our level editor is Lightwave.

Low budget project, do not forget!

2 guys to 3d graphics
1 guy to 3d engine
2 guys to AI and phisics
(and some freelancer graphiciants to modeling cars but in 1/4 time of the project)

project time: 6 months
with 10 levels (30 races with level variations)
with 20 cars (with tunging variations)

12 cars and other 2d graphics created by me
homepage created by me

homepage compatible with IE and Opera

COOL! I like it!

That looks awesome! Pretty cool.

Change the screenshot links.

There are backslashes in them :frowning:

This only works in IE.

it works in Opera/Win too :slight_smile:

Fix the screenshot-links.

The screenshot links aren’t working because you have used a \ instead of a / if you hadn’t noticed :wink:

You should also use a proper header for the index page as atm it just say’s “index” and this won’t be picked by search engines.


Oooo looks good :smiley:

looks fun! nice cars and textures, i can only texture to save my life :wink:

Hi, I had a look, and I can see a lot of hard work has gone into this project, I love the look of the charactures, the quality shows, great job, I can’t wait to play the demo.


Looks pretty good endi. Any idea when you’ll have a release date? Will it be available on DVD? How much? Can we pre-order now? :slight_smile:

One small note. Your website seems to be a little bit weak in regards to your english. You might want to consider getting someone to help with proper grammer, especially since this looks like it will be a very professional product.

hey looks really great, you forgot to mention who worked on the sound, sounds pretty good.
it is great to see blender artists getting out there and making things like games.
did you get hired to make this or did you and your friends want to make a game, and then use it as a portfolio kind of thing or try to sell it.
screen shots look good, cars look good, looks like you guys really know whats going on and what your doing.
also got to say the 2d artwork for the site looks really good to. like I said great to see artists getting there work out into the mainstream.
very cool stuff!

those textures rule, and i like those cars too.

Website Quote:

Now we are working on a car-race game, which is similar to the “big ones,” but is more than them. This product is Road to Fame. Its developers have worked on world known projects such as Jimmy Neutron, Platoon, Africa Corps vs. Desert Rats, Wacky Races, The Wild Thornberries… This guarantees that the new car-race game will be creditable to the ancestors.

This is very cool, who did what for these projects?

I worked on Jimmy Neutron vs Jimmy Negatron GBA, and we used Blender as level editor. My staff works on the other games.

Nice Endi,

I’m very impressed with the standard you guys keep
in such a small but excellent team.

and Opera

hmm … well … thank you, much obliged :stuck_out_tongue: I’m keeping the 7.21 on this particular box.

seriously, though, as much as I liked the visual concept of website and it’s vibe, I’d consider spending a day or two and optimize graphics and code a bit (punish your coder :P) - it seems somewhat sloppy on dialup, as well as I’d consider css-ing the whole thing because that can speed things up cca twice if used on flat areas and with some knowledge. Especially if you plan to promote your work via web … snappy webpage can certainly bring more joy to visitors.

I’d take a demo version of www.bradsoft.com - topstylepro and kill it’s demo runs on the website.

homepage updated
\ changed to /