Commercial - short movie

Hi Guys.

During the thread ‘20th Century Sheep’, I was asked if I would be able to show any of the movies I’d created with my friends from ‘Channel Stupid’. So I found one I quite like, and has bits from blender in it. (like lightsabres, etc.)

Sorry about the bad quality. And NO, it’s not me! I’m not that crazy! My friend however, obviously is. I did ask him if it was ok having this movie put up on the web and he said “Yeah, sure.”

Any way, here it is: Commercial - 2.8MB - .mov

Commercial.avi - 3.9MB

Hope you like it. Tell me what you think.


funny !


I guess you didn’t sell many lightsabers; your friend couldn’t pay enough to keep it off the 'Net!

yeah i am having weird problems watching the whole thing it stops on the green lightsaber??? lol

Everything that I download from you usually doesn’t download fully… Also, for something with that low film quality, shouldn’t it be a smaller file?

nice movie
I like it :smiley:

sweet, how old are you? :smiley:
don’t understand me wrong, I like it, well done!

hehe.i thought that was you.Can i place an order for the lightsabers:D

Thanks for the comments!

ahuri: Thanks

Ammusionist: No, actually, we haven’t sold any yet.

ddwagnz: Hmmm, strange. Would it be helpfull if I placed a .avi as well?

Alden: As above. As for the film quality, I’m not sure. 2MB isn’t too big though is it?

qwequ777: Thanks man

neablo: Thanks. I’m 13.

trak wrecka: No, once again I’m not that crazy. Feel free to order whatever you wish. Just phone the free-phone number and ask for anything you want. Must be within the next 10 minutes though. (Actually, I’ve got no idea where that number comes from, or who you’ll end up talking with)

Keep posting…

Ha, nice job, love the table/wand gag. Nice work…
And show em what we young guys can do…

Thanks free_ality.

Ok, I’ve now added AVI format for anyone who wants it.

Heh. I like that. XD

thanks cuby, yeah its really weird prop doesn’t like me heh
EDIT: Okay the download is corrupted or something as it yah dosent complete??? this is annoying

Works fine on my computer. Try whatching it in web browser, or try to whatch the AVI instead.

Other than that I don’t know what’s wrong there.

Good luck whatching it.

No one is anwsering the phone:confused:

The same thing happens to me. I can’t watch in my browser because quicktime is busted, so I download every video to view on VLC. Oh, and I didn’t know about the length of the movie, so 2megs is probably a perfect size.

Ha ha! What a shame. It would be super funny if someone answered, and you asked them if you could have a light sabre please!!!

Just got told that the movie was on.

Yes if you were wondering, I am the crazy nut who managed to get talked into doing that.:rolleyes:

Just wondering what people thought of my dance moves. There is a thread where you can vote 1-10 on my dancing in off-topic chat please help me out by voting.



Here is the link to the poll


are you the dude talking? haha