Commercial shot of product

Hi all, here s commercial shot of product design…

Used soft: Blender 2.49b
Yafaray 0.1.1

Hope you like it,constructive [email protected] are welcome…

Great shot. The woodfloor is perfect, CGsource textures? Arroway? Light is really good too. Pity the product is a bit jaggy.


Great render like everytime Hangar! I like the way you work the light & color balance… a little bit " Vray like" :wink:


Hangar, your color and light balance is perfect.
Please share with us light settings (portals or area lights), dof and render settings.
Can you also show the raw render.

And, of course, keep sending us this beautifull images.:eyebrowlift:

is very good, but the ceiling is very white with no shade as the wall

One day … I want to be able to do ones like this :wink:

Thx for replys…


[email protected] Textures are from my older project - its assembled from photos of real floor textures by one chemistry factory in Czech republic

[email protected] Man, nothing special… Used Sky in Yafaray and two arealights in windows…But very sensitive placed and gently lit… I mean , for scene is really heavy important direction of ligt …

[email protected] Its no wall, Its outdoor behind great french windows…

[email protected] Kludne mozes pisat po slovensky…:wink: